BREAKING: World’s first chicken and duck produced without the animal

The future of food has arrived, in the form of crispy fried chicken. Why is this the future (and why does the future taste so darn good?!)? It represents a crucial step towards a world where our meat is produced by growing animal cells—without any animals.


That’s right: this chicken was produced by growing animal cells, as was our juicy Duck à l'Orange. This is the first time in the world that poultry was produced in this method.

So what’s the point? Well, poultry products are great. They’re delicious, they have nutritional benefits and they play a crucial role in so many cultures around the world. They are the most consumed meat in the US, and soon will be the most consumed meat in the world. In fact, Americans spend roughly $90 billion per year—just on chicken.

But while poultry products are delicious and satisfying, the process by which they are made is not. It involves environmental degradation, animal welfare concerns and public health risks. So at Memphis Meats we’ve been asking ourselves: what if we could make the same products that the world has always loved, but in a process that is better for the planet and its inhabitants? What if we could completely change the way meat gets to the plate?

We did it with a beef meatball last year. And now we’ve made history again by debuting the world’s first ever poultry products grown from animal cells. This represents one of the biggest technological leaps for humanity: our technique for meat production could require up to 90% less land, water and greenhouse gas emissions than conventional meat production.

You can read more about it—and enjoy a short video—in this Wall Street Journal article