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Better meat, better world.


Food from the ground up

Cells are building blocks of all food we consume and at Memphis Meats they are the foundation of our approach. We make food by sourcing cells from animals and cultivating them into meat — think farm at a tiny scale. We cut unnecessary steps from the current process (like slaughtering animals) and bring nutritious, tasty products to your table.


Better for you

By producing meat from the cellular level up, we have control of all components that go into it. This means we can keep the benefits of meat and improve on the downsides — imagine, for example, having the ability to substitute saturated fats for better ones like Omega 3 — so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. It is like having your steak and eating it, too.


Better for the planet

We’re making cruelty-free meat that uses significantly less land, water, energy, food, and waste. Initial studies suggest that clean meat production could involve up to 90% less greenhouse emissions than traditional farming, making the planet the ultimate beneficiary of our product.

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Our team

Uma Valeti, MD, CEO and Co-Founder of Memphis Meats, is a Mayo Clinic cardiologist by training who served in numerous leadership roles at the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology. Over the course of the years exploring cell-growth to heal his patients Uma got inspired by the world-changing potential of applying this principle into a field in dire need for innovation. Food. Could there be a better way to make the food we love? This was the driving force behind Memphis Meats.

Nicholas Genovese, PhD, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, is a stem-cell biology PhD with wide experience in bioprocessing, cell biology research, and a pioneer in the cultivation of livestock stem cells. Growing up on a poultry farm, Nick knows first hand that how we get our meat is prone to change.Together they founded Memphis Meats in 2015.

Since then our team has grown into a diverse group of scientists, engineers and designers committed to redefining the future of food by bringing to the world real meat that is truly sustainable and delicious.