To build a better future now, we at Memphis Meats are answering big questions using tiny little cells 

Global meat demand is increasing, but our current animal production practices just won't cut it. It’s unsustainableWhy? To meet growing demand and consumption, we simply will not have enough resources to grow enough animals to feed our globe. Here at Memphis Meats, we are doing something about this now. We want to help make meat production more sustainable while providing the same delicious meat products you and your family currently enjoy. And we are doing this without the need to rear or slaughter animals.  

And now, we want your help. 

Join the Memphis Meats team! We are looking for exceptional, mission-based individuals who use creativity, evidence, reason, passion, empathy, as well as a global world-view to join our team and help us produce meat that is tasty, healthful, sustainable, and morally-considerate of animals.

While we aren't actively looking for any specific positions at the moment, we are always happy to keep your resume on file as we move forward. And if we think you would be a good fit, we'll be sure to reach out. (Note: due to large volume of interest, we may not be able to respond individually to everybody who sends in an application.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out our contact form. 

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