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  Uma Valeti , MD  CEO & Co-founder

Uma Valeti, MD

CEO & Co-founder

Uma is a cardiologist, entrepreneur, and the CEO and co-founder of Memphis Meats. Memphis Meats is the world's leading company producing clean meat: real meat grown directly from animal cells without the need to raise animals. As the chief visionary of Memphis Meats, Uma sets the strategic direction and oversees the development of clean meat technologies with a focus on commercialization. Memphis Meats has already pioneered the world's first multi-species clean meat platform and made history by unveiling chicken, duck and beef grown directly from animal cells. Uma's mission is to feed the world's growing population with meat that is delicious, affordable and sustainable. His team is pursuing a major technological leap and a near-trillion dollar market opportunity. A Mayo Clinic cardiologist by training, Uma has served in numerous leadership roles at the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology and co-founded or invested in several medical device and food tech startups. Fun fact: Uma has rescued several people in cardiac arrest.

  Nicholas Genovese,  PhD  CSO & Co-founder

Nicholas Genovese, PhD

CSO & Co-founder

Nicholas is a cell biologist, meat-lover and a vegetarian who believes that the best way to improve our food system is by innovating clean meat technologies that can produce the same meat we have always enjoyed in a sustainable, healthy way. Prior to co-founding Memphis Meats, Nicholas raised poultry on his family’s farm, gained industrial experience as a bioprocess technician, completed his graduate thesis in cancer biology, and pioneered a novel approach for the cultivation of livestock stem cells. He has championed clean meat through multiple forums including publications, scientific symposia and press interviews. Nicholas' mission is to create new and better ways to produce foods that sustain the health and happiness of both humans and animals. Fun fact: Nicholas has a soft-spot for chickens.

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