Why Cultured Meat?

We love meat. But like most Americans, we don’t love the many negative side effects of conventional meat production: environmental degradation, a slew of health risks, animal suffering and food products that contain antibiotics, fecal matter, pathogens and other contaminants.

That’s why we started Memphis Meats. We’re creating a new kind of farming, one that provides the same delicious meat we grew up with—without all the drawbacks.  With our home-base in the San Francisco Bay Area, but strong roots in Memphis, Tennessee, we're using the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley coupled with the rich culinary traditions of the American south to provide better meat for the entire world.

Our concept is simple.  Instead of farming animals to obtain their meat, why not farm the meat directly?  To that end, we’re combining decades of experience in both the culinary and scientific fields to farm real meat cells—without the animals—in a process that is healthier, safer, and more sustainable than conventional animal agriculture. Our products are not plant-based or "mock meats"—they're real meat grown without the animals (sometimes called clean or cultured meat). And they're delicious: all are developed with recipes honed over a half century by award-winning chefs.